Discover all the solutions available to you in order to optimize your taxation according to your personal situation and your goals.

Why do I need to be informed about Swiss taxation?

Tax returns, social declarations, forms to fill in…

Tax returns are becoming more and more complex and precise.

Keeping up with the evolution of the tax system is essential for anyone working in Switzerland. 

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Withholding tax or ordinary taxation later?

It is a tax choice that we must make every year when we carry out a lucrative activity in Switzerland, everything depends on your situation, it is important to take into account all the data to make the best choice.

The only way to be sure you’re making the right choice is to make the computations with an expert. 

Savings structuring

Build a solid and diversified savings account to secure your future and that of your loved ones.

Why should I have structured savings?

Building up your savings is something you learn from a very young age by putting coins in your piggy bank.

However, as we grow up, the piggy bank turns into a bank account, and we try to get a return on our savings. Structuring your savings is essential to adapt your asset strategy to your medium and long-term objectives.

Some of our advisors are IAF certified financial planners, they will provide you with independent and transparent advice

Can my savings serve me?

By structuring your savings in the right way, you can secure your future and that of your loved ones. By diversifying your savings over several solutions, you can protect your loved ones in case of hardship.

Providing for the future

It’s no secret that the Swiss social system set-up by the Confederation has been beneficial for previous generations. 

Today, we must complete it individually in order to maintain our quality of life. Let’s do it in an intelligent way!

Why is it important to have a pension plan in place?

No matter what your wishes and life goals are, our solutions will allow to build up a capital for you and your loved ones in order to secure their future and face unexpected expenses.

According to your needs, in case of accident, dreaded illness or death, we set-up solutions and a tailor-made support.

How can I cope with a drop in my income at retirement?

It often happens that a drop in income is felt when retirement comes. Saving remains an effective solution to cover this decline.

A strategy established with our advisors will allow you to accumulate a more substantial amount by starting to save early.

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We have found that investment strategies are accessible to all!

The main thing is to find THE solution that fits your convictions.

Is performance the only thing that counts at DiLife?

Not only!

We select the best opportunities for you, in accordance with your choices and convictions!

According to your desires, we indeed have solutions that are environmentally friendly, with a high level of respect for social and environmental standards, and always with an attractive return.


The beginning of a new life…

Anticipate this moment in order to fully enjoy it!

All the years that separate you from retirement are strategic in order to optimize your income, your assets and your wealth.

Leave nothing to chance and let yourself be guided in this new adventure.

How to prepare my retirement ?

When looking for ways to optimize your pension, you will quickly realize that everything depends on your choices:

Swiss pension in addition to a foreign pension?
Country of residence at retirement?

All these choices have to be prepared in order to be sure to have the best living conditions at retirement. But to do so, we need to be advised by experts.

DiLife has more than 20 experienced financial advisors who master these subjects.